The Best Digital Tactics for Political Advertising

As the 2022 election draws closer, signs advertising candidates are popping up on lawns, street corners and billboards. But it’s also important for these candidates to get their name and message out to voters online. We can help your client reach voters with advertisements on apps, websites or video content. Here are a few of the most successful tactics when it comes to political advertising:

Addressable Geofencing Ads

Whether candidates have a list of voter addresses they want to reach, or need to create one, addressable geofencing is a great fit for political advertising. Addressable geofencing means we are able to serve digital ads to specific households and addresses based on our list. We have a 90-percent-plus match rate with first-party data (a list provided from the client). This means we can successfully serve ads to the households of your client’s voters. 

If candidates do not have a list, we still have options to reach their potential voters through audience curation tools. These can select an audience matching your client’s ideal voter, including registered voters, political party affiliation, age, interests and more.

Display Ads

Similar to addressable geofencing ads, display ads will also allow candidates to get their name and message out to voters in the form of an online digital ad. The main difference is that display ads are not based off of an audience list. Our team will work together with the candidate to figure out who their target audience is, which in this case are the people most likely to vote for them. We will also target based on location at the city, county or state level depending on the political office.We

Video Ads

Video is a compelling way for candidates to talk to voters about issues that matter to them. OTT/CTV (Over-The-Top/Connected TV) video placements allow your client to reach voters while they’re watching programming on a wide variety of popular streaming platforms. A unique advantage that OTT/CTV offers over traditional TV advertising is that we can target by users instead of by specific programming or time slots. This will allow us to reach users where they are watching. 

YouTube is another option with video content. On YouTube, ads can be shown as either skippable, meaning users can decide if they want to watch the whole ad, or non-skippable, meaning users are required to watch the ad. These will show up while users are watching videos on YouTube either as a “commercial break” during a longer video or before one starts.

Political advertising comes with requirements that need to be met in order for ads to run online. We are knowledgeable and understand what needs to be done to ensure your client’s ads run successfully. We know that each election cycle provides a short window of opportunity to get the candidate’s message across to voters. Our team is ready to get campaigns up and running in a timely manner to ensure voters see them before election day. 


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